Fiscal Sponsorship


Fiscal Sponsorship via Predetermined Grants:

Pravasana Inc provides Fiscal Sponsorship for projects that support our mission, vision and further our cause. This provides grassroots projects with the opportunity to raise funds in a timely and concise manner. As Predetermined Grants, these projects are not under direct governance or influence by Pravasana Inc but are operated by the project manager in accordance with our guidelines and standard reporting practices.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship allows an organization to create an agreement with an individual, group, organization or association (hereby: Grantee) that does not have 501(c)3 status. This agreement allows the Grantee to quickly raise funds, implement and iterate on projects that may not yet require formal business structure, or is awaiting completion of their application for tax-exempt status, by using the 501(c)3 status of Pravasana Inc.

Projects Currently Under Fiscal Sponsorship:
Del Fuego Project

Grantee as of 07/01/2018

Duration: 9months (conditional)

Amount: Ongoing

Primary Contact: Taya Brown


This project is based in Yepocapa, Guatemala, the location of our most recent film Siglo: A Century In The Soil. Sales of Siglo go directly to supporting long term farmer development projects that rely on local resources and build stronger communities in the Yepocapa region.

How can I apply for Fiscal Sponsorship?

Please apply with project outlines by emailing: